Doing the Work: Anti-racist Initiatives That Can Transform Teacher Education
Date & Time
Monday, April 26, 2021, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Letitia Basford Linnette Werner Joe Lewis

This workshop will:

A. Provide an overview of several anti-racist efforts that our predominantly white teacher education program is involved in:
1. Formation of a racial equity task force within HSE
2) Development of shared community norms, with a focus on courageous communication
3) Small faculty/staff affinity groups focused on anti-racist equity work
4) Adoption of Minnesota Education Dispositions Assessment for teacher candidates (an equity-focused framework for assessing dispositions) 5) Development of Anti-Racist SMART goals for courses across programs
6) School-wide read and discussion of Kendi’s How To Be An Anti Racist

B. Capture the perspectives of faculty and staff involved in this learning process.

C. Describe the lessons we’ve learned and how we will continue the work. We plan to hold significant time for discussion with other programs that are also striving to develop a more antiracist culture. 

Session Type
Sessions Two Workshop