The Equity in Action conference would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of many.  We are grateful to all attendees, speakers, presenters, facilitators and various St. Thomas departments for the support and participation. Thank you!


Conference Planning Committee

Kha Yang, Associate Vice President Inclusive Excellence, Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Patricia Conde-Brooks, Executive. Director Campus Inclusion & Community Student Diversity and Inclusion Services

Amy Finnegan, Associate Professor Justice and Peace, College of Arts & Science Justice & Peace Studies   

Kevin Henderson, Professor Management, Opus College of Business

Michele Goodson, VP Administrative Assistant, Office for Mission

Rosemarie Ndupuechi, President, 3E Productions LLC

Shaquan Foster, Registration and Web Design Management, 3E Productions LLC


Moderator for Small Group Discussion with Dr. Kendi

Vineeta Sawkar, Director Public Relations, MIC, Marketing Insights and Communication



Monica Anderson, Coordinator III, School of Law

Tanisha Andrews, Program Advisor, Opus College of Business

Bernard Armada, Professor Communications, College of Arts & Science Communications 

Linda Baughman, Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Nicole Brumley, Systems Analyst, ITS-Registrar

Stephan Cole, Lab Manager I, School of Engineering

Bryce Gloppen, Area Director, Student Affairs

Carla Gonzalez, Literary Specialist, Dougherty Family College

Rachel Harris, Director Finance & Planning, Student Affairs

Rama Hart, Associate Professor Management, Opus College of Business

Kevin Henderson, Professor Management, Opus College of Business

Soren Hoeger-Lerdal, Coordinator III, College of Arts & Science Graduate English

Jenny Holte, Adjunct Faculty, School of Engineering

Beverly Johnson, Program Manager I, College of Arts & Science Graduate Music

Shari Johnson, Clinical Faculty, Morrison Family College of Health 

Martha King, Contract Tracer, Center for Well Being 

Karen Kozen-Lien, Adjunct Faculty, School of Education

Jesse Langer, Asst Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Aaron Macke, Assoc Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Carolyn Ocampo-Milton, Lab Manager II, College of Arts & Science Chemistry

Ernest Owen, Asst Professor Management, Opus College of Business

Ea Porter, Program Manager II, School of Education

Brad Pulles, Program Director I, Opus College of Business 

Julie Reiter, Program Director I, Opus College of Business 

Salina Renninger, Assoc Professor Psychology, Morrison Family College of Health 

Brant Skogrand, Editor III, Marketing Insights & Communications

Samuel Smith, Financial Aid Advisor. Dougherty Family College

Becky Stenlund, University Insights Manager, Marketing Insights & Communications

Erica Thompson, Assoc Director Residence Life, Student Affairs

Shanea Turner Smith, Program Manager I, Student Affairs

Marguerite von Duerckheim, Manager, Conference & Event Services

Hiyana Yang, Program Manager II, Morrison Family College of Health


Marketing Insights and Communication Team

Sheree Curry, Director Communications

Lisa Klein, Marketing Program Director

Ed Kim, Digital Project Manager

Amanda Liu, Associate VP Marketing Strategy

Brant Skogrand, Editor III

Becky Stenlund, University Insights Manager

Andy Ybarra, Associate VP Public Relations

Brad Jacobsen, Director of Video


Innovation & Technology Services Team

Matthew Logering, Assoc VP, Service Delivery

Ryan Blake, Director Enterprise CRM

Daniel Lamatsch, Senior Tech Coordinator

Thomas Oscanyan, Manager IT Contracts and Vendors


Zoom Administration/Event Support

Tim Silverthorn

Adam Weinlaeder

Xander Moser

Sam Baldwin

Alex Bowes


OEC Multimedia Studio Team

Dan Lamatsch, OEC Multimedia Studio Manager

Sam Luloff, OEC Multimedia Studio Staff

Ron Riley, OEC Multimedia Studio Staff

Sophie Becker, Student Assistant

Casey Eakins, Student Assistant

Xander Moser, Event Support Technician


Thank you!